The Introduction

We innovate to unfold new values!

Innovision Tech Solutions makes a business run better with innovative IT solutions. Founded in 2009, we are the single source for comprehensive solutions for your IT needs. Our approach is to focus on the specific needs of each individual customer and provide a solution that delivers maximum results. We exist to solve problems, identify solutions, seize opportunities and enhance learning. We partner with your team to develop and implement custom solutions that arm leaders with reliable information needed to make informed business decisions.

Innovision is committed to providing value to its customers by leveraging technology and implementing best practices, to provide cost-efficient Information Technology Solutions across the globe.

What do we do

Web Apps

We work with methodical and creative development approach for building custom web apps. Innovision has been investing continuously over the last few years in developing customized web applications and software across various domains. We have built and delivered web based solutions to across domains

Business Analytics

We create customized data analytics solutions that allow you to accelerate from insight to foresight and predict customer behaviour, derive market direction, and provide tools for informed strategic direction to boost your top and bottom lines.

Andorid/iOS Apps

We devised a sales tracking for one of our clients which facilitated meeting sales target, monitoring employees and tracking their scheduled meeting and keeping a track of the inventory as well.

Asset Management Solution

We provide asset management solutions for firms to improve automation, risk management and control that eventually helps them to meet the market’s growing demand for efficiency, transparency and institutional credibility.

E-commerce Solution

We have leveraged the technology to create an online store for their products. Utilizing the responsive web design, our e-commerce websites are optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet shopping. We make online shopping easy for customers and easy to manage for website owners.

Content Management System

Content management systems (CMS), such as Wordpress and Drupal, Joomla, Custom CMS function to present information on websites and allow for publishing, editing, and modifying content from a centralized interface.

The Clients
The Team

Abhishek Rathor

Software Developer

Mithilesh Mehta

Senior Developer

Kumar Siddhartha

Founding Member, Partner

Sunil Kumar

Software Developer

Tanmaya Singh

Founding Member, Partner

Jay Shaw

Software Developer